About me

Hi, Diana is here. 
I love people, and I love people-friendly products.

My skill set is diverse and ranges from research methods and creating initial concept sketches, user flows, and prototypes to final visual design. From practicing an academic research approach at EHI Design Lab to enhancing digital platforms for small businesses as a freelancer, my journey so far has been diverse. I’ve delved into the startup world with Neuemoon Health, where I mastered empathizing by grasping the customer discovery phase with interviews, and now I’m contributing to usability testing of the app platform at InReach, a nonprofit focused on the LGBTQ+ community. 

I graduated with the highest honors (Summa Cum Laude) in User Experience Design and Graphic Design from DePaul University in June 2022. I’m also currently pursuing a master’s degree in Human-Computer Interaction because I strongly believe that continuous learning is crucial, especially in a rapidly changing industry like design. 

Things I'm currently into