9 Muses Redesign. Enhancing Aesthetics and Usability

This case study outlines the redesign of the website of 9 Muses, a Greek restaurant. Key enhancements included elevating the visual aesthetics, optimizing for mobile use, reorganizing the menu for better navigation, refining the content, and enhancing SEO.


UX/UI ReDesign


9 Muses Bar & Grill


Dec 2022



Solo Project


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I was hired by 9 Muses Bar & Grill, a popular Greek restaurant in Chicago, to modernize their website.

The main challenge was to redesign website while working within the constraints of the Wix platform and its existing template.

Heuristic Analysis

At first glance, the website fell short of the typical standards for a restaurant business due to its poor design, careless content, and inadequate functionality. Guided by my dedication to Nielsen Norman’s principles, I carefully analyzed the website using Nielsen Heuristics to pinpoint critical improvement areas. The key discoveries were:

Missing Call to Action

Violated Heuristics 2 and 4

A text link instead of the clear call to action button violated Match between System and Real World & Consistency and Standards heuristics, jeopardizing conversions.

Absence of Visual Interest

Violated Heuristics 1 and 8

The presence of image placeholders everywhere with no images in the menu negatively impacted Visibility of System Status & Aesthetic and Minimalist Design principles.

Outdated Information

Violated Heuristics 2 and 5

The outdated menu and content caused issues with the Error Prevention and Match between System and Real World heuristics, possibly resulting in customer annoyance and incorrect orders.

Wix Insights

To gather more information about the website’s performance and user behavior, I analyzed the insights provided by Wix. The following insights were particularly important in guiding the design process:

77% of users accessed the website from mobile devices, which means the website should be mobile-friendly

The menu page was the most frequently visited section of the website, indicating the significance of its layout, structure, and aesthetic design.

The main source of visitors to the website was Google, indicating the need to concentrate on search engine optimization (SEO) 

Competitor Analysis

By examining how competitors approached their website’s user interface and functionality, I had the chance to pinpoint what they did well and where there were gaps, offering opportunities to differentiate and enhance 9 Muses’s appearance in the market.


Based on the personal evaluation, wix insights, and competitor analysis, the following objectives were established for the website redesign:


Enhance Visual Appeal

Create a design incorporating high-quality images and a modern aesthetic. This will significantly improve the overall look and feel of the website.


Optimize for Mobile

Ensure the website is fully responsive and optimized for mobile devices. This will provide a seamless and user-friendly experience for most visitors who access the site from mobile devices.


Implement  Call-to-Action

Ensure the website is fully responsive and optimized for mobile devices. This will provide a seamless and user-friendly experience for most visitors who access the site from mobile devices.


Improve Menu Design

Restructure the menu to enhance its visual appeal and usability. Implement a clear layout and enticing food images to make it easy for users to navigate the menu.



Enhance the storytelling elements throughout the website to create a strong emotional connection with users, by sharing its unique history.



Implement best practices for search engine optimization to improve organic visibility and increase traffic from Google and other search engines.


User Testing

5 customers of the restaurant were then invited to test the prototype, and their feedback included the following:

Contact Form: Participants preferred direct contact information over a contact form. Therefore, the contact form was removed and contact information was prominently displayed in the footer.

Font Size Adjustments: 40% of users found the text on the website difficult to read, prompting adjustments to the font size for better readability and accessibility.

Button Text Change: The text on the “Inquire Now” button was changed to “Learn More” for better clarity.

Event Page Removal: The event pages were removed and integrated into the main page’s Instagram feed, where all the events are posted.

Final Design

The final design successfully addressed the identified problems and achieved all 6 set objectives


The website’s look was improved with high-quality original images that reflected the unique atmosphere of 9 Muses Bar & Grill. A modern design was implemented, giving it a professional and visually attractive appearance that matched the restaurant’s brand identity.


The design focused on mobile responsiveness for a smooth browsing experience. The website’s layout and functions were optimized for seamless performance on various screen sizes, especially mobile devices, which made up a large part of the user traffic.

Call to Action

Prominent and clear call-to-action buttons were placed throughout the website, guiding users toward important actions such as placing an online order, exploring the menu, or making a reservation. This streamlined user journeys and improved conversion rates.


The menu page was redesigned for improved clarity and appeal, with a new layout that included a filtration feature to help users easily find specific items. This, along with enticing food images, made exploring the menu more enjoyable and straightforward.


The redesigned website also incorporated engaging storytelling across all pages, particularly in the “About Us” section. The history, cultural significance, and personal story of 9 Muses Bar & Grill were shared, creating a connection with users and fostering a sense of authenticity and trust.

Improving SEO

In-depth keyword research led to the use of relevant keywords and phrases in the website’s content. Titles and meta descriptions were refined for better clarity and relevance. The use of structured data markup and internal linking improved the website’s search engine comprehension and indexing.

One month after the redesign, Google Analytics showed a significant increase in these metrics:



Site Sessions ↑


Unique visitors ↑


Sessions Time ↑

Reflections & Limitations

Overall, the final design of the 9 Muses Bar & Grill website successfully met the set objectives and, as a result, improved conversion metrics.

Working on the 9 Muses project with limited time and budget was challenging, particularly in user research. These constraints limited my ability to conduct as extensive user research as I would have preferred. To compensate for this, I focused on user testing. Through this method, I collected direct feedback on the website’s overall experience, enabling me to make well-informed decisions and adjustments. This enhanced the site’s functionality and user interface, guided by actual user interactions and feedback.

Another challenge I faced was working with the Wix platform and a theme that needed more customization options.

This project underscored the importance of adaptability in project management. While ideal circumstances include comprehensive user research and unrestricted creative freedom, limitations often necessitate inventive approaches.